Family Law

Foust Law Firm helps families get through tough times with family law expertise.

Family law can be an important area of law because of how it affects your children’s wellbeing. Picking a family lawyer can have lifelong consequences that extend well into the years. Issues of child support, divorce, and other important matters in your family life should be dealt with by a trained professional that has experience dealing with family issues. Complicated issues, such as dealing with child abuse or with

Marriages can be tricky to dissolve, especially in cases with children and property. To make sure you get what is yours out of a divorce, a good family lawyer with a proven track record is necessary. At the Law Offices of Eric B. Foust, we understand how important it is for an agreement to be reached quickly so both parties can get on with their lives.

In divorce cases with children involved, it becomes necessary that the most responsible parent have custody over the children, even more so in cases of abuse. Do the right thing for your family and hire a lawyer that will fight for your needs. Call Eric B. Foust at 865-250-5182.